Thursday, 31 December 2015

Situations and Resolutions

Hello my lovelies today is like to share with you some nuggets of wisdom. Relating to my current situation. 
Recently it seems like every bodies moving forward in life and I'm just staying where I am. 
All my friends are either engaged married or have babies. And I'm standing in the corner like huh? What's wrong with me? And to be honest it's made me question my self worth and confidence and I know this is not a good thing. It's the devil using my situation to get to me. 
I trust in Gods plan, theirs no doubt about that. But do you sometimes feel like your life is not as exciting as others around you? 

I write this knowing I'm acting irrational but venting and writing this is a healing tool. And that's the same for many bloggers we use words to vent our feelings and thoughts. Then mull over them before publishing. But I know that this one is going to be published because it's the most truthful blog I've wrote. 

Before I noticed everyone's situations around me I was perfectly content and happy with my life. But seeing what others have makes you think about what you don't have. And from this day I will not look at the lack in my life, I will focus on what I have. For example a loving other half who cherishes me and wants nothing in return. Someone who I know will be my future husband. But sometimes Gods plan and his timing takes his time. 

I've left it with the Lord. I have so many wonderful things in my life, Paradox Crèche the day care facility in my church which I launched. Being a freelance photographer well that's just amazing! Getting to visit amazing and beautiful places and capturing those moments. Not forgetting my new job! My perfect new job! Working in a school has always been my dream and I'm living it now! God works in strange ways but I trust him. I trust his plan. I trust in his perfect timing. I trust in my relationship with the Lord. 

So from this day forward and in the new year my realistic resolution is to look at the amazing things and people I have in my life and not other people's situations and people. I will not look at what I don't have. I will not envy others situations. I will be grateful to God for all he has given me and all he will give me in the future. 

I also aim to write everyday part of the #write365 I was asked by a blogger friend of mine if I'd like to join and I obliged of course! It will be challenged but I will not be writing polished and proper blogs every day but even if it is a photo on Instagram with a short message I intent to write every day for the next year! How cool is that! I'm so excited! 
So everyone be safe tonight as I know it's New Year's Eve! Don't get caught up in the crazy! Have a blessed and extraordinary new year! You all deserve it! Be well! 

Love Jessica Louise Xoxo 

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