Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Diary of an Au Pair

[7th October 2014]     //    Diary of an Au Pair 

6:30AM : Rise and Shine 
 - Get ready 

7:00AM : Wake Children up
 - Make sure they have all their uniform sorted 
 - School Bag Check 

7:15AM : Breakfast

7:30AM : Brush Teeth
 - Make packed lunches 

8:15AM : Children set off for school

8:30AM : Dog Walk along the river 

9:30AM : Hoover and Dust the house 
 - Hoover Up stairs once a week 

10:00AM : Quick kitchen and bathroom clean 
 - Daily to keep on top of it

11:00AM : Bike Ride
 - Cycle to coffee shop to have a snack of lunch

1:00PM : Home - [Laundry and Ironing on a Monday]

2:00PM : Website Maintenance 
 - Write blog pieces or publish blogs.

3:30PM : Children are home
- Planners on the table

4:00PM : Start cooking dinner 
 - Children complete homework meanwhile 

5:00PM : Dinner is served 

5:30PM : Children are showered and in Pajamas

6:30PM : Host mother is home from work 

7:00PM : My duties end 

I then have the night to my self which I can either chose to watch television with the family in the living room or retire to my bedroom and do whatever I please. 

My day as an Au pair is structured well, I have chores to do but they are not difficult chores and only a few are time consuming. 
I have heard stories of Au pairs who are treat like cleaners... I'm very blessed in that I am not treated as a cleaner, I am respected and I am mainly here for supervision while the mother is working. 

I shall be uploading a few other blogs very soon! 
Thanks for reading 
Love Jessica Louise Xoxo