Friday, 21 February 2014

Thank You Beautiful Girls of God.

Hey girls! 
First I would like to thank you amazing girls of God for reading this blog! I have had page views from all over the world including The United Kingdom, United States of America, Switzerland, Germany, Nigeria, Spain, Israel, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa!
I am seriously over the moon that i might of actually impacted people! 
My purpose in life is to spread the word of God and inspire people and encourage them to a life with Christ! 

Recently I have had my dreams shattered of moving to america, but now i realise that this is all part of Gods plan and his journey for me. 
When you fail or crumble just pick your self up, brush off the dirt. Brush all the broken pieces away and DON'T LOSE HOPE! Hold Gods hand and think ' what does god want me to learn from this?' ask him! Connect to him and ask him, ask and you will receive the answer.
I was just about to lose hope when i realised... Wait a minute I am a daughter of The Lord Jesus Christ and I am protected and I am never alone.

If things don't go according to my plan I know that there going towards the plan my creator has for me! A better and well- suited plan for me, he knows me better than anybody else and I've got to trust this and trust him with my life!
Therefore after my recent plans being torn up, it left room for a new plan.... An exciting plan! God has amazing things planned for me and super amazing things planned for every girl of God! Don't lose hope and faith! 

My new plan is reaching out to Girls all over the world and hopefully sharing experiences with others and preaching his word to girls who need to hear...

'God loves you and he loves you for who you are, the imperfect warrior fighting off the devil with his word' 

So heads up and watch this space as I figure out what he has in store for me, I have a feeling whatever he has up his sleeve isn't going to easy but I'm going to stick with it and pursue my dream!

Girls don't stop dreaming, just because one of my dreams didn't go to plan doesn't mean the rest of my dreams won't. I have confidence and strength given from God and I'm going to use my gifts and be thankful for all I have.

Thank you Beautiful girls of God! Keep reading this blog and I promise I will try my hardest to blog topics which you can easily relate to and things which can help you and inspire you in your life.

Love you Girls of God! 
 God Bless
 Love Jessica Louise x o x o